Astral Projection

By Lilly


What is astral projection?  Astral projection, also known as astral travel and out-of-body travel is simply projecting one's mind into the altered state of manipulation of the Cosmic Energy of our True Selves and then having a different locale brought forth for us to go into.  We can do this quite easily when we sense the dual issue of both our lower self being down here on Earth and our higher self being up in Spirit already.  Realizing that we are all Spiritual Beings encased in physical bodies down here while on Earth, but quite capable of out-of-body travel in order for us to continue with our life experience, grow,  and further our capabilities is essential.

Am I already doing it or have done it before and just not know it? Yes, of course, as each and every time you sleep your body is lying there but your Spirit is so much more than you are realizing.   We should sense that with our bodies needing the rest but our minds not, our Lord is allowing us travel out of body in order to gain further understanding, knowledge, and spiritual growth while in the rest state.  When we travel out of body deliberately, as in doing meditation/relaxation first then followed by astral projection, this, too, is essentially the same thing.

The question comes forth in people's minds "is it all right if I do it"?  Yes, it is provided you are doing it for the right reasons.  Intention is clearly the deciding factor and it is a gift of the Spirit and one that should be sensed as such.  It is not done just for the curious to be satisfied and often when someone who is curious is doing it, it is allowed to occur; however, the intent is watched closely as our Auric Fields reveal all emotions and our thoughts are indeed heard.  Guides oversee all of this event, as we do have Spirit Guides and they come instantly when we are attempting to enter into the Spirit World for any type of contact.  I firmly believe that everything is watched over by the Lord in this whole psychic area.  If you are attempting this out of curiosity, fascination with the occult, the "hidden" in other words, or reasons that are purely self-serving, you will only find yourselves getting into trouble with the Arch Angels.  There is also the fact that whenever there is this accessing of the Spirit Realm, all types of accessing is recorded and when it becomes an addiction, the Arch Angels will firmly show the human being that it is not allowed to access the Spirit Realm.  They will  do it in a variety of measures, all of which are trouble to the Earth Person.  The main way they do it is by attaching a dark spirit to the human being,so as to give them a taste of their own efforts:  The dark spirit is curious about the Earth Plane, and they, too, want to travel to the surface of the Earth, so they will now be able to do that with their being attached to the human being who wants to go to the Spirit Realm.  See how it works against the human being when they are wanting to do something they really shouldn't be doing? 

So when is it really "right" to do Astral Projections?  Only if there is a just cause, and only when the Spirit Guides themselves come and take the Earth Person in a conscious meditation state, or during sleep when the Guides want to teach the Earth Person a life lesson.  The latter case is when they are asleep and it becomes a "dream event".  If you are attempting to do this physically by yourself without any just cause or reason (i.e. entertainment, curiosity, fascination with the Spirit Realm, boredom and you heard it was something one can do to experiment with, etc.), then it becomes a problem for you.  It is therefore wise to not attempt to do it without just cause, and I mean "just cause by the Arch Angels' standards", not by your own.

Am I able to just go and will myself to go to a place I have heard about, such as the Hall of Records or the Hall of Wisdom?  Actually, that is a situation whereby you ask permission first and then see if you are allowed.  As all things in the Spirit World are regulated, you must ask as in prayer first, followed by waiting and seeing if it is granted you.   If you have ever tried to do it without having permission granted, then you realize that quickly it is blocked and all you see is a blankness.  If permission is granted, then you need only to concentrate on where you want to go and stay focused on that place.  (Guides who obviously respond to the will of God do oversee this and with their allowance there, you can be directed to the correct location.)  The direction you travel does alter with the focus, so that if you shift your focus, you shift your direction.  Concentration power is very important on this plane.  You can will yourself back to your body at anytime, remember that, and even if you just think about going back, it is that first thought about returning that gets activated, so don't be surprised if you wonder if you should return now to your body and then start instantly having that happen.  I speak from experience with this, so control over your own thoughts is a good idea.

What is the difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming?  When we dream and have out-of-body experiences and realize this after we have awakened, we have this odd feeling of amazement and wonder in the morning.  Often it’s just waking up in the morning, and then suddenly  you remember being somewhere the night before, knowing that it really wasn’t a dream, but an actual event.  Sometimes you may want to share this experience immediately, stressing to another person the fact that you WEREN’T dreaming, saying it was “like a dream”, but you were REALLY  weren’t in a dream-like state, that it truly happened.  The emphasis being that you were out of your “real body” and in another “Real Body”.  If the reception is good inside your family circle and you can share easily without having to prove anything to them, then it is so much more enriching for you.  Often we try so hard and earnestly to explain to others whom we sense might be doubtful about all of this, then it dampens our enthusiasm.  Ever notice how when you explained this to someone else and they have reservations which shows in their facial expressions while you relate your experiences how hard it is on you?  You feel hesitant to mention it again as their doubt makes it difficult on you.  Justifying it to someone else that it was real is sometimes one of the hardest parts of this whole new experience and it makes it much clearer to you to think to keep it to yourself when you don't sense support.  But realize, too, that there are many out there who are also going through this and have been much like trailblazers here with the subject.  Seeking out further information to aid you in this is wonderful and that is why I am here writing this article.  A good book to read is Robert Monroe's "Out-of-Body Travel".  This was written decades ago.

With lucid dreaming, which basically is one of the early stages of psychic development started with the individual by their Guides, is the feeling is that you are in a dream, followed by suddenly being “awakened” right there inside the dream scenario.  What happens is that the Guide working with your Auric Field senses that now would be a good time to awaken you and quickly does this, followed by your whole "beingness" suddenly being startled into being awake.  That is how they do it, as it comes down to the Guide to have you be involved in a dream sequence whereby you are told to go through several sequences of imagery that are random, then the Guide is  told to awaken you now.

Sometimes people can adjust the “dream” to be how they want it to go.  That is done so that the person can feel he or she has some control.  Most people feel like they are trance-like while up there and then have some problems once in a while with that issue, so the Guides allow this interaction with the person controlling the dream along with them.  The message is still given to the dreamer but he is having some control of it, too.  It’s much like a change of scenery as the person then has a feeling that they can do what they want, and then have the feeling that you and they are doing it along the same lines as the Guides hope you will. There is the feeling that you are in charge, but the Guides are still the “Overseers” of the dream.  In that way, you grow in Spirit and learn. in which the Guides feel better with the confidence that their message is received.

Is there anything "out there" that I should be afraid of?  As everything in the world of the seen and the unseen is directly created by our Creator who is indeed the "All that Is", this "Isness" is a part of His Divine Creation.  So since God is the All that Is, then everything in existence period is created by God.  God knows all and sees all.  So with your remembering that, you should put two and two together here and realize that if there is anything that ever should occur in this astral projection event, it is of the planned nature and should be blessed and released up to the Lord. There truly isn't anything of the unseen world of Spirit to ever be afraid of.  Death is impossible in the Spirit Realm, and Life is Eternal.  All in Spirit cannot die, it will just reappear, even yourself if you would sense this, too, up in Spirit.  Just trust that if there is something that occurs then it is a planned event, and you should sense this as a type of test.  Try to do well, with the blessing and lifting it up to the Lord and then be at peace no matter what.  That will indeed help you further with your astral traveling, as often Guides test in order to show proof that you are capable of higher understanding and further growth possibilities.

When you are out of body, you feel immediately the warmth sensation.  Actual temperature is varied, but mostly it feels like you are now in a location that the temperature is in the upper 70’s. The actual temperature of Heaven is a constant 78 degrees.  So you can sense that you would be warmer up in the Astral Plane.  The distance between our Auric Field and the Spiritual level or plane is approximately three feet above the level of the Earth.  I know some think that Heaven is “out there” somewhere as in off in space, but actually it isn’t.  We overlap their realm in many instances. So now with you being able to astral travel out of body, you could also have the feeling that you are extending yourself outwards with the two dimensions in close proximity instead of entirely upwards.  This is how it feels.   So in other words we can be on our Earth Plane in our physical bodies with these Spirits in their Eternal Thought Form Bodies on their Spirit Level and we can sense their presences and they us.

Now with the astral travel done, the feeling of coming back into your body should be like a "denseness feeling", like you suddenly became heavier, which of course you have.  Your denseness is considered to be thought-form Energy compared to Spiritual Heavenly Body Energy, which is so much higher in vibrations that it feels much lighter.  That is why we compare ourselves to Living Light, as we truly are Particles of Sentient Living Light combined with Thought (being our God-Heart/Mind Connection.)  Sometimes when I have these out of body experiences, I can’t even feel that I have a body still down on the Earth....I KNOW that I do have one waiting for me, but I feel so totally up there.  I feel confident, though, that when it is time for me to go back, my Spirit will be reeled back in, which it always is.  Also, if I am wanting to go back before that time when my Spirit body is reeled back naturally, then I just tell myself that I am going to go back now, and picture myself now inside my body in my own bed, and instantly I am back.

Try to have enough sleep during the night-time period, as the more rested you are when you are having the lucid dream, the more you will be able to interact with those in the dream, and have the memory later on.  It is those who are not all that awake when the lucid part starts that have some problems interacting within the dream. They will perhaps have the memory of the dream somewhat afterwards, but won’t have the interaction as much.

Most people who stay up too late, then start this lucid dream sequence say, “I am tired”...and then drift off again while they are up there in the Etheric Level, and then the point is lost.  That happens quite often, as it takes some doing to get the person awakened during the sleep/dream event.  With these definitions there comes a clarification that helps understand the whole basis of coming down here to the Earth in the first place: growth.  We need to use the sleep state, too, so that we can experience personal growth on several levels so our over-all gain down here is achieved to the maximum benefit.  Makes sense doesn’t it when you look at it in terms of efficiency? Once you are able to Astral Travel, you should always ask for permission from the Lord to take excursions in the Spirit Realm.  Once a person is taken to any location in the Spirit Realm, it seems to leave a kind of energy imprint or "trail back" inside their Astral Body, so they can easily return back to that very same location afterwards at a later date, just by remembering the location and then Thought Projecting yourself there.  You would have to ask permission as I said to do that though, but it was something that I accidentally found out years ago.  I was taken early on in my psychic experiences to what is called "The Park" up in the Spirit Realm a long time ago.  A few days later I on my own decided in meditation to just travel back there by myself. I wasn't really thinking that I would run into anyone or that it wouldn't be incorrect to do it, since it was just a park.  I also was kind of thinking at the time that I couldn't actually do it and would just see the insides of my eyelids during the meditation, and that without having some Guide take me there, it wouldn't work..  So with that thought I went and meditated and surprisingly “whoshed” back up to The Park.  I was back walking around for about a  minute seeing all the various trees and lovely plants, birds, park benches, etc. when a lady Guide, called an "Adjuster" (as they help newly-returned Spirits adjust back into the Heavenly society) suddenly appeared.  She started talking with me, introducing herself as "Alice, one of the Adjusters" assuming I was someone who had just died, and then after about a minute she suddenly noticed that I had my Silver Cord still attached behind me at the nape of my neck connecting my Spirit Body to my physical body.  She exclaimed, "Why you're not dead!!!  What are you doing here???  I smiled and just said, "I was taken here a few days ago, and decided to come back for a second visit".  Just then the Lord appeared and was chuckling, as it was He who brought me there the first time.  He and she talked for a moment as He explained about me, but it was interesting to know from that point on that I could literally return to all of the various locations I had been taken before.  It does help though to have permission, as if you do this on your own, chances are that you will see the location for about 30 seconds or so and then someone will appear from the Guidance Guild and ask you what are you doing, etc.  You may or may not be allowed to remain, and then if the latter's the case, you will just suddenly see everything turn a very light grayish white and then are instantly brought back to your physical body.  The Guides may even tell you that you are not allowed to travel more in the Spirit Realm if you don't seek permission first, which is why I bring this story up.

We spend one-third of our lives in the sleep state.  Understanding that God wants us using that time period as well to become better human beings as our existence here is much like a school. What better way to use time during the night than to have us at a type of “Night School”.



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