I reside in the United States.  I was actively psychic by the age of 14, although I noticed things of the psychic nature earlier. Later when I was in my 30's, I started giving readings in my home for people outside my family working with the Lord and His Angels.  Then in April, 1999, I was told by the Lord Jesus to begin His work on the Internet.  At that time we didn't even own a computer, let alone have the Internet, so you can sense this was new territory for me, as well as a leap of faith.

Being a novice with the Internet, I first started giving readings daily in a few psychic Chat Rooms, and then it evolved into having my own (Hope From Beyond) Chat Room, giving readings and teaching about psychic abilities every day. After repeated requests for me to have a website, I realized this was my next step. Many topics of my articles were directly the inspiration from questions I frequently received.

After 3 and 1/2 years I became so busy with working on writing articles and private readings, I needed to "practice what I preached" and balance it all with the rest of my life. In September 2003, I moved the Hope From Beyond Chat Room to the MSN "Hope From Beyond Forum Group".  When MSN closed in 2009 we moved our forum over to our new location on Aimoo, (https://hopefrombeyond.aimoo.com) and it's a great place.

It was the Lord's idea to have me develop what He called "an Internet Enrichment Center", where it would be totally free for anyone using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  He said the phrase to me from the movie "Field of Dreams", "if you build it, we will come."  He has done what He said He would with involving His Angels and Ascended Masters, and Guides to help with the challenge of providing information and support here at Hope From Beyond, so this group truly is the Lord's Group for information on Gifts of the Holy Spirit.   He is directly involved with this "Enrichment Center", Hope From Beyond. I do not provide this service for profit. With offering a free reading here on the Internet, it does understandably open up a psychic to receive a large volume of reading requests with the person waiting a long time for their reading. Our Forum Group also has a lot of members and keeping up with their questions takes a lot of time. In order to be fair to each person requesting a reading to receive it in a timely manner, I've had to make a decision concerning the readings and has limited myself to working in the forum answering questions there, and giving a one-time private email reading only if there is an emergency or serious problem. This would be in the area of spirit attacks, possession and spirit attachment cases or a genuinely serious need.

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