I wanted to bring up the subject of physical psychic intuitiveness is something that some of you are able to do, yet there are issues also with this much deeper level of Spirit contact. What is Physical Psychic Sensitivity? It is a complicated approach to doing psychic connection to the Spirit World, yet it was done early on in the history of spiritualism only because it was the accepted way at the time, plus they had someone they trusted on the Other Side who was a part of a team effort there to keep them from overtiring themselves due to the deeper level of Spirit contact. The Veils were not parted at this time so there was a much larger separation between the two realms, which made some psychics do light-to-deep level trance connection to the Spirit Dimension as a conduit between these much separated planes. Psychics would allow themselves to relax deeply and give their Spirit Self permission to step aside and have another Spirit come into their body and inhabit their body for a time. This "allowing" is in the Will Centers which is in the back of the person, (see illustration).


By the psychic giving permission the Spirit or Spirits can travel into the psychic's Auric Field and even go through the energy of the Chakras to inhabit the psychic for the psychic reading during which time the Spirit is allowed this entrance through the same Chakras and thereby USING THE PSYCHIC'S OWN ENERGY. As you can sense, this type of contact has its hazards, which is also why the psychic would use a "Control" who was a well-trusted Spirit person to be in charge of this contact since the psychic thereby has spiritually stepped aside.I need to say at this point that this totally is not necessary, nor is it a wise thing to do!   In the history of spiritualism there used to be the guide on the Spirit Realm side who was listed as a "Control"--someone trusted by the psychic and having an established relationship who would be there to protect the spiritualist allowing themselves to go into a light trance to full trance state and have another Spirit speak through them, using them as a vessel, so to speak. This nowadays has fallen by the wayside with having a "Control" and we don't need this service any longer, since we have a much better and more direct link through our own alignment to the Christ Consciousness Energy and Holy Spirit. Since the vibrations have been raised so much for us now, it isn't all that necessary and should be evaluated as to worth. It also raises the question "Just because we can do something, does it also mean we should do it?" You see, Guides will give us another connection ability in order to see how we use this new linkage, and in order to test to see what type of link we will establish and now much control we will turn over to another Spirit what we have in ourselves, that is where some trouble issues can cause us difficulties as an after-effect.

Guides do test with giving the psychic person more and more psychic connections, yet they stand back and observe how the psychic handles this new aspect of their ability. One thing I've always noticed with being psychic is to not assume that it is all right to do something just because you notice that you now can do something. It goes into the category of "CAN VERSUS SHOULD" testing, and a good example of this is this physical spiritualism.

Doing physical spiritualism does need to be evaluated by a psychic with the "Pro's and the Con's" of this type of connection which is basically the psychic allowing the Spirit further access to their Auric Field and their physical body. Remember in the movie "Ghost" whereby Whoopie Goldberg's character "Oda Mae" had a Spirit come into the séance she was conducting? The Spirit just sat down inside her body, and then she was not speaking like herself or acting like herself? In the movie scene she didn't invite this Spirit, and she pushed the Spirit fellow out, bawling him out for doing it. The Spirit was exhausted, too, from this type of direct contact. In real life a psychic can be just as exhausted by this direct contact if they are doing it longer than say 20 minutes. It drains their energy and their "wholeness of self feeling" also, since their Auric Field is directly intertwined with another human being's (the Spirit's) energy pattern which is not like theirs. It can cause the human/flesh person to be unsettled or jarred in their nerves, too, and could even make them have the problem of sleeping later, especially when they've done this in the evening hours. That's why I am bringing this up, since linking to Spirit is all right, but not to do it so deeply that you are now giving up your energy to another, to be filling yourself with their energy. Mixing the two energies can make you have another problem, which is ALLOWED, since you yourself invited this to happen with your willingness, and that is why Guides test to see if the person is willing to do this. This "Allowed Problem" can result in having your Auric Field become more fragile and show major tears or ruptures in the fullness of the original shape oval shape. The edges of the Auric Field will look like they are frayed, much like the edges of an old flag that has been waving in the wind for a long time. This now frayed Auric layer allows for entrance by those of the lower vibrations since the energy is not as strong there to protect the psychic who has gotten involved in physical spiritualism unwisely. It will be corrected over time, but remember that we are Spiritual Beings encased in Physical Bodies and once in awhile we do get tested to see if we are doing what is morally right with our usage of psychic linking. Making ourselves vulnerable is not what is intended for us when we link to the Spirit Realm, and that is why Guides wish for us to be careful in the way we link. Being empathic also has its complications much the same as in doing a spiritualism trance channeling with linking too closely to the situation or Spirit when doing psychic work. I saw on a program called "Unexplained Mysteries" where there was a young psychic woman at an old hotel known to be haunted giving her impressions of what she was visually seeing in one of the hotel rooms there. She became overwhelmed with crying and ran from one of the rooms, unable to continue. She had linked too deeply with the tragedy that had occurred there from a woman many years ago jumping out of the window to her death in that room. She allowed herself to be drawn into the trapped energy and the Ghost of the woman who committed suicide. All this is important as it means that we can as psychics get too deeply attached to what we are linking to when we give a reading. There has to be a limit to what we do and use precautions always with this type of contact.

Why would the guides allow this to happen or even offer this ability if we shouldn't use it? That is a good question since we do have abilities that can benefit others, yet does it do the other person good to hear more directly the words of the Spirit they are having this contact with through you, or to have the spiritualist just relay what that Spirit person is saying? We can as [psychics give so much evidence and validation that we don't need to do such a deeper level of Spirit communication just in order to present the information to the recipient. Guides know the "cause and effect" issue very well, and they want to train us so that we can benefit others without causing harm to ourselves either Karmically or otherwise. They work for the Highest Good, which is why when we need to learn a lesson it is ultimately we that decides whether it is the easy way or the hard way. I honestly wouldn't recommend doing trance channeling because if you go about it with the regular process, you really don't need trance ANYTHING as a method of doing psychic work. I've done it a few times in years past, yet when I was through with the session it did make me feel like "why did I need to do this, when I could have just relayed the information by just saying what the Spirit said to me and then passing it on?" I was much more tired and did have difficulty sleeping that night afterwards, too. It is something that each psychic needs to evaluate to see if it is right for him or her. Sometimes you can do it well with having someone on the Other Side watching over you (the "Control") and keeping you well protected; yet their job is clear, but sometimes here on Earth we have conditions such as questions by the Readee and they can prolong the contact that the psychic is having due to numerous questions, etc. so you can see that it is fairly easy to get drained from over-extending the time leaving you vulnerable. 

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