By accepting a reading from Lilly or any other member of the Hope From Beyond Forum, you are also accepting that the Reader is not held responsible for anything that is said to the recipient.

Readings are given without charge.   Please understand that we try to give what we receive as best we can with the hope of giving as accurate a reading as possible.  We do require that a new member be an active member in our group for a full month prior to requesting their first reading.  Thereafter, members are to wait for another six months before requesting another reading.

Lilly volunteers her gift to those of genuine need. With offering a free reading here on the Internet, it does understandably open up a psychic to receive a large volume of reading requests with the person waiting a long time for their reading. Our Forum Group also has a lot of members and keeping up with their questions takes a lot of time.  In order to be fair to each person requesting a reading to receive it in a timely manner, Lilly has had to make a decision concerning the readings and has limited  herself to working in the forum answering questions there, and giving a one-time private email reading only if there is a serious problem. This would be in the area of spirit attacks, possession and spirit attachment cases or a genuinely serious need.     As to minors under the age of 18, Lilly does not give readings to minors directly.  Parents can write to her about their children, but no direct readings for minors and only if there is a serious problem as described above.

Lilly's abilities are focused on Divine Guidance and accessing the Akashic Record for past life information.  She accesses the Holy Spirit through the Energy of the Holy Spirit, and Lord Jesus and His Angels, along with Ascended Masters, so the guidance she gives is of the Light and Christ Energy.  Please note that any reading done through this Divine Energy is noted on one's Akashic Record.  That way it is recorded through God's Energy and will be remaining on their Akashic Record.  Whenever anyone uses a Holy Spirit Energy to access their private information, along with receiving a reading such as this, it is mentioned through the Holy Spirit so that it will be considered a gift of the Holy Spirit and will be recorded on their personal Akashic Record by a Spirit Guide.

We do not do readings for second parties, (as in an adult requesting a reading for family members or friends, etc.)  If the person is not a member of the group the reading will not be done.
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