Back in the mid 1990's the Lord displayed a 3-D image of a Reptilian to me. I was literally able to walk around this full-size image he manifested to view this being front and back. He told me that I couldn't actually meet with a real living one as they are a violent and aggressive race in the Spirit Realm, yet he wanted me to actually see what they looked like, and know a little about them. I had not even heard of such a being prior to that and haven't since, till recently when I learned there was interest in this subject on the Internet. I thought I would share with you what the Lord Jesus gave me concerning these beings in the Spirit Realm. They are of the Pleiades Origin, yet branched off into their own separate wavelength and do not distinguish themselves with regards to us human beings. We are like "playthings" to them, and they use those whom they deliberately engage themselves in with trickery. I will explain:

What I was shown back then was what resembled an upright crocodile. He had on some leathery type of vestment as well. I then wondered if there are various species of Reptilians existing in the Cosmos, and not one single species of Reptilian beings, so I asked about it. From what I have been informed, there are several races of beings, mostly Pleiadians, yet several stem from another branch, and they are of the Orion Constellation, specifically those of the "Orion's Belt", distinguished with the variations that they are a part of the crocodile and lizard-like energies. Both of those types are much stronger and a great deal more aggressive than say just the Pleiadian ones. Those from the Pleiadian Origin do generally appear much like a lizard with their faces more rounded, and do have eyes in the front of their heads and features much more similar to that of a human, as compared to what the crocodile species appears.

I would urge caution if anyone is willing to converse or contact these beings due to the fact that their knowledge is vast, yet their ethics are less than what we hold to be standard. In other words, deceit is one of their strongest and most highly regarded abilities, and they use their best behavior quickly and adeptly in order to show you how calm and peaceful they are, yet that is not the case. They will use subtrafuge in order to gain your acceptance, then later on will gently try to influence a human being in order to be willingly used, much like in bondage to them. It could be where they nudge you in one direction, only then to say that this was an error and that you should now believe still another aspect, then fracture trust by telling you still a third and then a fourth statement, all of which they emphatically state is the absolute truth. Upon this foundation of falsehoods then then begin to lay brick by brick of fabricated lies in order to keep you thrilled, and used. Used in what way? They tap into your Auric Field, display a positive behavior, then little by little siphon off energy from your own Chakras, usually the Third, Fourth, and Seventh, thereby not having you notice much in this respect, yet obviously making your entire Chakra System now out of balance. They do this so as to make their "journey" to your location (which is about a three second trip), much less tiring for them. They therefore put themselves first in this, and allow a fraction of information released about their entire lifestyle in their dimension and plane, so as to make you think you've been given special blessings of information and knowledge. Their intention is to subdue your Energy Field, your Human Auric Field into being balanced more like theirs is, which is the 7th chakra being their highest level of energy, and followed by the 4th Chakra being their weakest due to their lack of the Christ Consciousness Wavelength. I mentioned another Chakra that they tap into when they link to the human being they are now "chatting with": The Third Chakra is one of the best Chakras they use, since the energy is the "gut instinct", the Solar Plexus has the entitlement of being one that is used for sensing conditions that are basic and instinctual. The third Chakra is the energy point for personal power, self-confidence, strength, Ego identity, oriented to self-definition. They are capable of using their own inner strength and then combine it with the human being they are attaching themselves to even while the human being isn't directly sensing or noticing it, as it is very slight right at first. There could be a tug or a nudge against the human being, much like someone bumping into you which may fool the human being into thinking that the Reptilian "just adjusted their standing position", yet it is like that old trick used by pick-pockets to bump into someone "accidently" and then remove their wallet, see what I'm saying? It doesn't do anyone any good to be willingly directly talking with any of them, and I am recommending to not ever go near one in the Spirit Realm. Take your precautions and go elsewhere to find out information rather than subject yourself to their intelligence, yet "with a catch".

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