In order to understand what the true purpose of a guide, there needs to be brought forth the information about what a guide is supposed to be doing in one's life and what they are not. I want to first mention that with the increased need to have Spirit Guides assigned to people wanting to learn more about their psychic capabilities, it has brought with it an added complication: lesser qualified and trained guides. The Guidance Guild is rushing to get qualified trained guides out and helping what are supposed to be Reiki Energy Increasement Work, yet there just isn't enough manpower to do it. So they are taking lesser qualified personnel away from other areas and placing them inside people's lives so that they can now have a "Spirit Guide" and to have someone to train them psychically with psychic development. That has caused much uproar in the Spirit Realm over the usage of guides in general. You see, there has been numerous complaints filed with the Guidance Guild over guides terrorizing solely to make their job end. If they get the Earth person upset, then they don't have the qualifications to be a guide and then they get "released from their job" which then sends them back to their first job which they were doing prior. That has brought out the worst in people up in the Spirit Realm and some of those new psychics are suffering from this trouble because of the increased demands. It is something not spoken about much outwardly here, yet it should be as I am receiving a steady number of complaints each month privately from people having trouble.  They don't understand what is going on, and in light of this I feel it is important to bring this out in the open for those who have had any kind of abuse by Spirit Guides. I am a "tell it like it is person" and Heaven is not a perfect place.  I wish it was but it just isn't. People are going to be themselves no matter where they are, here or Heaven.  There are going to be problems arising from time, and I would be derelict as a teacher myself to not have this told.

First some background information:
There has been a major increase in the vibrational level of the Earth Mind Consciousness Plane, our Earth. That has made many more people keenly aware of the Spirit Dimension within their own lives, as the two dimensions of Spirit Realm and Earth Plane are overlapping, giving rise to the obvious notice of Spirits in people who never before saw Spirits. Spirit contact is greatly increased. Along with that has been the increase in people wanting to have these psychic abilities in their lives and to develop them accordingly with the Holy Spirit Energy to be of aid to still others who are wanting further growth. This has spurred the Guidance Guild up in the Spirit Realm to strive to keep up with the ever increasing demand of Spirit Guides for people who beforehand didn't have an assigned guidance counselor. Now with this great increase in sending out Spirit Guides newly assigned to people where do these guides come from? Are they as well trained as their predecessors? Are they being rushed through with a shorter training period? I am told that yes there are those who were guides a long time ago, or had been a guide in an ancient time, are now recruited to return to the Guild for "Recertification". That means that they are not going through the two-year training course. Some never did go through ANY training course. They are just being "re-certified" and that's it. The Guild is stressed right now with keeping up with such a huge increase in the monitoring of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit which are available to these Indigo Children being born, plus those who are Lightworkers here on the Earth plane of adult age now.

Notice that your guides seem to be with you for a while and then all of a sudden you are talking with another guide, someone new? Why are they being reassigned and switched, and why are they having more and more people to now be guided by them? Many guides are assigned now a total of 10-15 Earth people to guide, which complicates matters with all the records of these people and to keep track of where they are at in their Ethics Training. It is getting to be too many people having complications now from the way the guides are presenting their tests, the way they are monitoring the Earth People, and how hard these tests are. Add into that the personality conflict issue and even a drudgery attitude and now people here on Earth are being harassed, being tested too harshly, even cruelly, and having their private and even intimate moments harassed as well. All that is been coming across my desk with my private emails and I have noticed an increase in these now more frequent problems. I will not of course mention anyone personally in this report, yet will describe the conditions I have been having brought forth from now so many people writing privately. I feel that they write me privately, as they are mistakenly assuming that they did something to trigger this negative abusive behavior, they somehow "failed" and are being taking into account for it. That attitude of hiding it is common, and adopting an attitude of shame over it isn't right. I am bringing these examples out that are actual facts so that those who have had anything similar happening to them will now know what to do about it, as you have rights. Those rights I will go into later, but first the examples, and I want to stress here that most of these Earth people are female who have had these negative presentations and events by their guides. Guides both have been male and female.

A woman wrote about having a good relationship with her guide at first. The guide was a male yet over the course of several months the guide was telling the woman that he had been her husband in several past lifetimes, and how much he was devoted to her and loved her. Later on it went into his writing (channeling) love messages first as a kind of "devoted sounding friend", yet more and more it increased to being more intimate a name, more deep with the loving terms. In the correspondence she wrote me, she sent me these letters channeled to see what I thought of it, getting increasingly concerned. I counted 14 romantic terms in just one letter alone, and nothing was really coming forth that was of guidance information that a normal guide would write. Later I got informed by her that she was frightened about the night visits he was having, and she could actually feel him laying on the bed, making the bed move, even depressing the mattress with his weight in the bed. She was a divorcee, living alone with her children. It was clear that she was having a type of control situation more and more with his trying to now become her spirit "husband". She asked for help from me. She had not invited any of this and was only wanting to be taught psychic subjects.  I informed her of her rights and I prayed to God to have this Spirit Guide removed, as he was truly not doing what the Guidance Guild is all about. The Guild is truly trying their best to incorporate the best way of guiding into the highly increased demand for guides. The Guidance Guild fired this man. He did reappear at my house once afterwards. He stood in front of me glaring, tore the black robe he was wearing right in half and then disappeared. His inter-dimensional romance was now thwarted by the Guidance Guild following through with his removal as her guide, as it was complicating this woman's life with her affections being toyed with and blocking her from going on with her life. She was wanting to have a husband, yes, but on this Earth Plane, not the Spirit Plane.

Another example of what I have been having told me is that the guide will give you a message while they are walking away with their words trailing off. You strain to hear them and they won’t repeat what they are saying to you. Another type of similar condition is to start speaking to you clearly and then the last half of the sentence they trail off with their words and you can’t hear the rest of it.  You ask them to repeat what they said and they won’t, making you feel like you somehow were at fault in your concentration. They may even mention something like a warning to you, and the last part of this so-called warning they say so softly you can’t hear it. With the lady’s permission I will quote here what a good example of this is: She states: "I was given a message by a female Spirit, my Guardian Angel, maybe.  She was like she was walking away from me as she was speaking, and would not come back and repeat herself.  I know I have to stop doubting, and just start listening, but there was something in the message she gave about a "something being about ready to burst or explode, and it will be fatal".  As you can sense here, it all was just a trick to force the Earth person the student here to be more concentrating on whatever it is they are saying to you, which does drain the psychic more than just casually listening you see. Notice when it feels like a drain to you. I recommend quickly stopping with the linkage, otherwise it will drain your Heart Chakra extensively.

A third example is that of the "martyrdom treatment": Again a female is told that they are "special" by the guide, and that they have to suffer humiliation, degradation, pain and suffering all for the purpose of choosing good versus evil. By choosing good, the Earth person suffers in a martyred way over and over through years of this treatment (if not stopped), not knowing that this is all not adding to anything of the Christ Energy whatsoever, but amusing a dark Spirit presenting themselves as a type of "monitoring guide" to them, judging them, telling the woman that they are earning points each time they accept their martyrdom "test". In this circumstance truly the Spirit is not a guide at all, but impersonating a guide. These Earth women are told that they were someone well known in the Biblical sense, and as such have that role to uphold, a moral responsibility and obligation to maintain what they were in their former Biblical past. One case in particular involved the female being just a teen of 14. You can imagine the issues that was presenting to someone so young and vulnerable.

Still another example is that of the "Special Powers" Ego Ploy. This has been where the men as well as the women are vulnerable to the testing presented, and some of these tests are approved of by the Guidance Guild and are conducted by their personnel. But if you factor into this a belligerent type guide who is really trying to make points with his/her Superiors, it can upset and damage a person's overall attitude about the Spirit Realm altogether when the cross the line. These tests should be explained ahead of time, and not just dumped upon an unknowing individual. There is a difference between gullibility and just plain ignorant of what is expected of a new psychic by the guides, and I'm seeing lines being crossed often. The word "ignorant" means "lacking knowledge, education or experience." The person isn't stupid, just not knowing, and where is the psychic to find out about these unheard of tests?  This whole field of psychic abilities is just now in the last 20 years or so coming out with authors sharing about their psychic experiences, little by little.  True they will test for gullibility and ethics, but to what degree and to what damage they are willing to bring forth to someone's personality which can have lasting effects. If the psychic is flattered with the statements about their "power" and how much psychic ability they have, then they will lose it definitely. That flattery showing is evaluated and assessed by guides, yet trying to deliberately trip up a person just so that failure results can lead a guide into a dark area themselves. That is where a psychic must be knowing about this "flip side" of their training and testing: To know when to call out to God for Divine Intervention.

Unfortunately, having so much leeway that guides apparently have, their Egos can get overly inflated and out of balance. They are monitored to a degree, and yet unless there is a complaint made, it won't get noticed by the Guidance Guild. It is much like how it is with class rooms at school: once in awhile the principal will occasionally stop in the classroom and sit in the back of the class and listen to the teacher talking with the students. The principal will stay for a few minutes and then go to the next classroom. That is much like how it is with the Guidance Guild Supervisors, so it is up to us to be discerning and monitoring their teaching skills and their ethics, as well. That's where you come in with it. If you are having complications with your guide(s), you can pray to God about your situation and what you wish done.

We as psychics at first tend to think because they are a Spirit Guide and they are telling us something like this, and there is no one else we see in Spirit running over to tell this guide that they are saying or doing something wrong, that what is said to us IS APPROVED OF, and that it has the blessings of the Holy Spirit.  Because there is this silence from anyone else in the Spirit Realm, that silence afterwards may make a psychic assume whatever this guide now has told you is correct. That is not necessarily true.  There is no one else monitoring the conditions offside, unless there is the Earth person asking for this additional help. If you had called upon say Arch Angel Michael, or Arch Angel Raphael, then there would have been others coming to monitor what was going on. Some guides can cause us to be very upset, and when you think of it, can be considered much like a common terrorist with their "teaching" procedures.

Guides are similar to teachers and are people just like us, and not all of them are ethical. Just by reading today's papers and news media with the occasional teacher having done some very serious criminal acts against the children they teach tells us to always monitor any type of teacher-student relationship. It is an uncommon situation, yet it does happen, which is why I am writing this article.

What To Do About It:
Do not elevate any guide in your esteem to be anything higher than any teacher who has had two years of class time study to be trained. That is all their guidance degree is up in the Spirit Realm, a Two-Year Degree attained. Be discerning now of any kind of approach a guide may use and do not hesitate to firmly state to them anything you disapprove of, including their teaching procedures. Do not make yourself vulnerable like that and know your rights:

1. If you are going through what you feel is immoral, unethical, or against what is clearly known to you in your personal rights, complain right away to God about it. Ask that there be someone come to your defense and to right away register a formal prayer complaint against that individual you are being abused by.

2. Keep at it with the formal prayers, do not allow for anyone telling you in Spirit that it is all right and to cancel out your formal complaint. Stand firm.

3. KNOW strongly and firmly that once you have prayed your formal complaint to God about the improper treatment you've received, that there will be something done to judicially deal with this individual. No prayer like this goes away, gets lost in the paperwork, or anything like that. It starts a formal investigation that will be dealt with and soon, too, often within a day or two. Psalm 46: "God is my refuge and my strength, an ever present help in times of trouble." Calling upon God to judge this situation and to make it right is what is going to happen. Don't doubt that at all. Stand firm knowing this. Just like that guide who appeared to me that one time afterwards tearing his Guidance Guild Robe in half and then leaving, he never returned to that woman, nor to me or to the Guidance Guild.

The Guidance Guild is a body of governing High Souls who do not want their reputation damaged, and do have high standards in a very difficult time. They are hard pressed right now to keep those standards in force, yet they will comply with all registered complaints and charges filed. They have worked long and hard to build up their highly respected standards of competency and moral ethics for the membership, and do not want any individual on Earth being harassed or tormented by any member of their Guild.  So in being staunch in your attitude of what you are willing to deal with and what not will only be helping you plus helping the Guidance Guild oust those who are not the type they want in their membership.  When you bring into this aspect the possibility of you perhaps someday wanting to be a guide after you return to Heaven working for them, would you readily volunteer to be a part of their Guidance Guild if you knew it was run by incompetent and immoral lax individuals? Of course not!
The Supervisors of the Guidance Guild want you to be:
1. Treated with respect while being psychically trained
2. To have respect for them, the Guidance Guild
3. Maybe someday be wonderful ethical Spirit Guides for others on the Earth when you've returned Home. 

With a partnership attitude established and knowing your rights, only good will come of this.

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