This is a technique that has been very successful and I will share it with you:

Sit in a comfortable upright chair in the living room and just relax for a few minutes first, followed by prayer explaining to God what it is you wished to do and ask of course for His Blessings.  Then  place your hands resting on your lap in a comfortable position.  The next step is to now take your Spirit Arms and Hands and lift them out of your physical arms and hands.  A lot of people aren't aware that they even can do this which they can.  You just have to believe in yourself that you can do this, and it's really easy by the way.  Picture in your mind that it is happening and it actually does.  Lift up your Right Spirit Arm about half way up and then place it down.  Then do it with the Left.  Lift the Right hand now about half way up once again and roll your wrists and make little slow circles with your hand.  Can you feel it just like it feels with your physical hand?  It actually does but not as strong a feeling.  Work both hands one at a time like this with moving your Spirit Hands around and then placing them back a few times and then lift up the Spirit Hands one at a time and then bring the two Spirit Hands together and touch your Spirit Fingers and put your hands together feeling each.  Notice also if your Spirit Fingers have any rings on them, as some people's do.

Next take your Spirit Hand and reach up to touch your throat, and check if you feel any necklace or pendant.  Feel the clothing that your Spirit Self is wearing.  Can you feel sleeves, what type of fabric does it feel like?  Reach down now and touch your knees and legs to feel the clothing and determine what type of outfit you are wearing.  Do you feel shoes on your feet?  What type of shoes are they?  Do you have on a belt?  What type of belt is it.  Now try lifting up your Right Spirit Leg while you are touching your leg with your Spirit Hand, and you will be surprised just how simple and easy it is.  Reach up next and touch your face and gently touch your Spirit eyes.  Are they closed or open?  Now place your Spirit Hands right in front of your Spirit Eyes and view them.  Reach over and touch your Spirit Hair.  How long is it, and if you are a woman, and it is long, try to pull it over to your eyes to see the actual color of it.  Men sometimes have longer hair, but usually not as long to do this, but try to feel just how long your hair is and if it is wavy or straight, etc.

You can go on and on like this with checking your Spirit Self out.  Try not to tire yourself though, and when you start to notice your focus is not as strong in viewing, that's when it is time to quit.  You are not wanting to get too tired at anything with viewing the Spirit Realm, but doing this regularly say about once each week will enhance your cognitive abilities.

Most important of all: Realize that this whole effort is possible, not probable but possible.  Do not doubt for even a single second that you can do this.  Doubt always blocks.

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