Love Energy, which is the Christ Consciousness Energy Bandwidth, resonates at the Highest Level. Light Energy resonates at the Second Highest Level. In differentiating the two bandwidths, Love Vibration Energy is much higher in the bandwidth, much higher in the level of Octave Wave Length.  Those who take a secondary path with the lesser of the two wavelengths will find themselves in a lesser bandwidth, it's just that simple.
The Angelic Realm begins on the 12th Dimension and goes on up.  The Lightworker Bandwidth is from the 7th Dimension to the 11th Dimension.
Shamanism is not of the Living Oneness of the Lord Jesus Christ, nor is it of any wavelength inside the Angelic Dominion. Here again there is the division between the two wavelengths and thus creating a lesser path with the vibration tone of the AUM augmented with the sound of the Third or Solar Plexus Chakra, which is now brought forth through the Id, the Ego. If you could visualize it through the eyes of a psychic who can view the Auric Field, you would see the accessing of the Id through the Third Chakra, rather than the direct route through the Fourth or Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakras is the link to the Energy of the Christ Vibration coming straight down from God Almighty through the Holy Spirit of the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra must be the Main Access Connection Through the Energy of the Highest Possible Link, which there again is the Holy Spirit Christ Energy, not the Solar Plexus Third Chakra. The energy of the whole attempt with Shamanism practice connects with the Solar Plexus (Third) Chakra and goes no further than the Third Chakra. Shamanism therefore links too low to actually cause the human being to fully recover, as it is not directly involving upper Chakras which therefore bring out the reason why the trouble exists medically. There is little else one can do other than emit a radiation of their own Auric Field directly into the patient's Auric Field to heighten for the time being or remaining hours to days afterwards the heightened effects. It does not provide a cure or otherwise granting of the removal of the said affliction.
Accessing a lower vibration rate can always cause one to be lead astray with the energy coming forth through the Self-Empowerment thought process. Doing anything with the idea of accessing something totally not of your own creation within another dimension can lead to trouble if there is not the placement of honoring God First and having the idea clearly that God does the leading here, not the Shaman. If the Shaman is directly giving the whole attempt over to God, the Great Spirit, Yahweh, or Whomever the person calls God, then God will lead the action as there was in place now the Honoring of God and having God lead the Shaman. If not, then there will be only the accessing of the Id or Ego itself of the said Shaman and as I explained earlier, it will not cure nor will it provide lasting positive effects, since it is not accessing the highest level.  If not done with God leading the Reiki or laying on of hands, then it is not uncommon to have the person experience the effects of having dark spirits attached to them as a process known as a "Life Lesson".
Paganism is simply accessing the deeper lower tonal wavelengths in order to gain energy to use it as the individual wishes.  These ideas are simply where the person is going forth with the Id, the Ego being the primary basis with accessing lower level wavelengths  in a type of honoring service in which to invoke, invite, or otherwise access with permission their lowered wavelength.  Hence the individual or individuals doing this will be accessing the lowest tonal wavelength within the primary root levels of the Sacral Chakra of said person or persons.  Having more people involved directly will cause the energy to appear to be stronger as the more people willingly participating in said ritual will thereby grant permission of their own physical bodies, and their own Chakra Systems now being simultaneously siphoned off of energy.  That is where the person is being mislead to think that they are accessing some lower-realm diety or "god or goddess" wavelength being, yet it really isn't happening to the idea they think.  It is accessing a deeper tonal wavelength, attracting those of the dark, and they, too, will attempt to add to this energy tapping so as to help them, not anyone in human form doing this ritual.  That is also where the souls of the said people doing paganism will now be attached to by these dark souls who will come back with them after the ritual performed and now reside in their physical Auric Fields and homes, siphoning off of them for a duration that could last the rest of their lives should the human being continue with involvement in Paganism.
If you place God FIRST, then everything else falls naturally into place.
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