I need first to define two words that are inter-linked with the Spiritual experience of Levitation.  The word "Levitation in the Dictionary means:  "to cause to rise and float in the air".   The word "Rapture means : 1. the state of being carried away with joy, love, etc; ecstasy.  2. an expression of great joy, pleasure, etc. 3. [Rare] a carrying away or being carried away in body or spirit.  (notice the last one being in brackets with the word "Rare"?)  It really is a very rare experience, although it has been documented and even photographed.
The information about how Levitation works was shared with me by the Lord Jesus.  Levitation is about someone who has the ability to encapsulate their whole entire energy of their Auric Field to bring them INSIDE it, allowing them to become a part of that encapsulated force energy, thus making them stronger in their ability to pull away from the Earth's gravitational field.  I stress "encapsulate" as it is an important function.  If you've ever seen an illustration of someones Auric Field, you immediately notice this glowing luminous body that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body which radiates outwards and has a soft hue at the outside perimeter, gradually lessening in energy at the outside perimeter.   The "encapsulating of this Auric Field" is what is different. This is able to happen only if there is an uplifting force generated with enough strength to encapsulate the human being inside their own Auric Field, and not so much the ability to just "float up".  What a person does is not "float", since the energy of the Earth's gravitation wouldn't allow that, so what happens is that the person becomes "One with the Force Energy" and in doing so --is eliminating the energy of the Earth's gravitation out of their Auric Field, which is now replaced with the vibrations of the Cosmos INSTEAD.  The Cosmos Vibrations do have some kind of gravitational ability, YET it doesn't need the force energy to make it work.  The Force Energy is a part of the God-Force Energy, and in having this strength coming into their Auric Field, it "re-joins the Creator" with the strands of Helixes supporting the human body, and draws them up inside their Auric Field, and making it like a "shield" against the gravitational pull of the Earth.  It could also be labeled a "Force Field" that happens that blocks while they are inside their own Auric Field encapsulated there, that makes them invulnerable to the Earth's gravitational pull.
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