This Plane is on the level of the Fourth Dimension, yet it is within the realm of the Holy Spirit, as there is a type of Christian dominion there within this realm. It is of the Light, but there are many places within Purgatory that would be considered a high-level security prison atmosphere. It is a massive steel, concrete plus wooden structure building that is approximately the size length of 14 football fields. It is very ancient, and has been added onto. It is approximately that wide as well. There are jails for those who have committed crimes on the Earth Plane, and there are half-way houses whereby the now released prisoners are given work-options in order to clear their Auric Field to come up higher in vibrations. Their energy is so low at this point that they don't have enough energy to come up higher themselves, so they in effect have created for themselves their own prison of being lower in energy. The higher the octave of vibrations the higher the person is. All is of the Light you see, so there are those working down in Purgatory trying to help others with their emotional issues and personal problems in order for these negative beings to be resolving personality problems, and re-train their way of negative thinking into a positive constructive way. They have psychologists working there in charge, too, with figuring out new and better ways to better their attitudes, plus religious people also trying to help.

There are seven levels of the main dominion of Purgatory, yet there are sub-levels, too, so there are sub-floors that are a part of the lower level, and then will be broken down into various other vibrational levels there, too, which is much like a mezzanine floor, so to speak. These partial floors are a transitory level, so that the person doesn't have a large jump in vibrational energy to adjust to quickly. That is so that it is so gradual that the person who is now moved up to a separate floor just goes up about four or five steps, yet it isn't like a 12-step staircase to the next higher level. It helps much with their attitude, too, which is a gradual transition much of the time with these types of Purgatory inmates.

Minus 7 through Minus 8 are where there are sexual levels of Purgatory and into dark activities. They also do wicked damage to each other and to those of the Earth physical realm who are duped into going down to their vibratory rate when they are asleep. Minus 9 and 10 are into such a dark wavelength that they literally have a stench about them. Those on Minus 9 and 10 are much stronger in their negativity and the cruelty of their activities are too dark to even mention here. Minus 10 is the last solid floor of Purgatory, and is considered hell's lowest level of solid ground. Below that into Minus 11 through 18 is a mucky mess of filth, and there are those who are dwelling and swimming in this filth who are not human in their appearance. Those of Minus 10 are also demonic in shape and form. Each level in Purgatory the appearance of the Spirits are in a gradually more and more demonic in shape and form.

The point of having these gradual levels in Purgatory is to increase their vibrations and motivate them to achieving higher and more positive goals, along with clearing their negativity and negative attitude, as well. "The lack of motivation is the single-most problem in the Universe", the Lord told me a long time ago, and it is that reason why all in Purgatory is geared around instilling motivation with the reward system in these Purgatory inmates. They understand this well enough with the earning of rewards to increase their energy and improve their attitude, and it has worked well to a degree. There is no perfect system without problems in any given condition such as this, either here on Earth or in Heaven, so they try their best to find areas where they can improve, and monitor and review their various programs closely for progress.
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