There are so many articles about Angels here on the Internet that I thought it would be best served for those interested in advancing with their psychic gifts to share about working directly with the Angelic Realm.  Angels are allowed to work directly with us down here if there are stipulations met, and those stipulations are:

1.  If the person involved has involved them primarily in usage of the Gift of the Holy Spirit in such a way as to warrant growth, benefit and otherwise aid of others, as in helping more than just one individual.

2.  That if the person using the Gift of the Holy Spirit will comply with the regulations, using it for the gain of others and not for themselves, as in a profiting venture.  You see, as the Lord Jesus said, "Freely ye have receive, therefore freely give".  Now the Lord understands how hard it is to just keep it totally without remuneration at times, as we do need to keep ourselves properly taken care of.  There are decisions made on an individual basis with this.

3. To be ethically wise with all work with anything of the psychic nature, and proven such.  So if you do work with your Guides and then have been tested and have passed ethical tests, tests of devotion, tests of faith, and of inner strength, then there will be a graduation of the level to have Angelic Beings come when needed to aid with your psychic work. They test at any time they see fit, and do so in order to gain the level of the highest possible focus.  This includes even testing even while doing a reading for someone.  They do so in order to test, even though you may think all the testing part is completed, and possibly lax about that.  They want you always thinking in an ethical manner, so "schools never out" with this. They will only come if there is someone else being aided, not for yourself, and that is something that needs to be understood.  All psychic work that is done is for another's benefit, and most psychics will agree that they cannot read for themselves.  It just doesn't work that way, and it really shouldn't actually as it could be just taken for granted that you can reach the psychic realm 24/7 for anything you like, and that is why we cannot have "special favors".  This is necessary in order to attain the highest level of the Christ Energy. Remember that Jesus told his Disciples in Matt. 10:8: "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils; freely ye have received, freely give. Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses. Nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves, for the workman is worthy of his meat. In order to attain this highest level of Christ Energy the link must be clear of any lesser vibrations that could alter and disturb the frequency of the Holy Spirit. Lesser intentions can and do alter this high level, and it can make the outcome less.

If you can accept all this, and if the work is for another, there could be the blessing of working with Angelic Beings in your psychic life.

Often they come quietly, as if you are first doing a reading and it is just you and the individual whom you are reading.  You will sense perhaps a Guide walking over to you, and then if the situation is warranted, the Lord will send one of His Angels to help, or even more than one depending upon the type of psychic work you are doing.  If Reiki is being done, then there could be as many as a dozen or more appear for prayers and to guide the person's hands involved in the Reiki work.  Along with that there is the reasoning why an Angel appears, too.

An Angel appears solely for the purpose of aiding one of the persons down on the Earth in order to ascertain a certain type of physical, emotional, or even mental level the readee is operating at and the type of necessary connections the reader needs.  It could be as much as a type of blessing of spirit, too, with the energy of the Holy Spirit blending with the readee's own Auric Field in order to first prove that there is an Angel near, and then to correct any type of negativity inside the readee's Auric Field, plus bless the person's energy level to increase the Flow from Source.  That would bring forth the Christ Vibration, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Father God inside the person's own Auric Field, the Holy Trinity, and there would be much done.

So you can sense that with just a visit by an Angelic Being there could be much achieved, along with having the warmth and the energy there.  It is not uncommon for the readee to also sense the presence of Angels, too, as it is so pronounced with their wonderful harmonious peaceful radiant energy coming forth from their Auric Fields that it is hard not to sense them near.  They deliberately stand nearby and pray and link to Holy Father with their prayers for you, and that is why the major increase is sensed and felt with their wonderful Holy Energy.  It is something that if you just have felt it once in your life, you are blessed for the rest of your time here with the memory of that experience. 

Angels come down here on the Earth Plane to share their efforts, but our lower denser vibrations on our Plane are a huge change for them, so they don't stay a long time here and linger.  They come and do God's work and help in the manner that they are charged with, and then must return to their Heavenly Realm, as you can understand. 

Always when you are working with Angelic Beings it is important to realize that this whole contact experience is a "team effort".  They will do their part well, and for you to work diligently along with being respectful, polite, and keep focused with the purpose of Highest and Best Good. Angels will not allow you to venerate them in such a way as to send them a feeling of worship of them, as it will cause them to realize you are not understanding the purpose of their presence.   So you can imagine there is a period of adjustment going to happen when someone is now being contacted by an Angel to work with them.

With more and more people experiencing contact by the Angelic Realm, and even those who are now hearing and channeling the Lord, people need to know that it is not something to be shocked over.  They can work well with Angels, and not have the other areas of their lives imposed upon.  You see, Angels understand the situation with how your personal life is, and if there is the necessity to contact you out of the ordinary with their regular time spent with you, then they will always be doing it as a command from God, so the importance of it is sensed here.

Why is this all happening now?  The Angelic Realm has volunteered to work with those who have proven their worthiness in terms of spiritual growth, plus several other reasons, too, but mostly due to the 444 Event that occurred back in 1999, Easter Sunday.  That was a major event, the 4th of April, at 4:44 p.m. a wave of Energy divinely sent caused the opening of the portal to our Third Dimension.  That brought forth Energy of the Holy Spirit so that the Angels can travel quickly and without much drain.  So there is the need to sense here that with their coming and visiting with purpose is a pre-planned event. 

Along with that there is the coping ability taken into account with the Angels volunteering so that they don't get worn out with the extensive vibration drain on their Auric Fields.  They maintain a constant blending of the Holy Spirit inside their Hearts so that the Holy Father will become One with them, along with the Energy of the Holy Spirit.  That makes it difficult to sense with all this happening, as they do tend to wish to make it all perfect here, but realize that there is so much trouble happening in our world, that to try to make it perfect would not be reasonable.  They do wish for us to grow much and to take time to realize that with all things in the way of learning, struggle must be a part of it in order to get used to the fact that they, too, struggle.  That is where the seemingly startling evidence comes in with those who first sense the Angels.  They are strong, true, but that they are impartial with their feelings, much like a doctor or a nurse is with trying to deal with many troubled souls all at once.  First things first, so they must blend what they can with what they have in their own Auric Energy, and that's why they chose a certain person over another to work through.  Some people down here have much inner strength and others have a smaller amount.  So that is where the reasoning is with who is chosen and who is not.

Just realize that with all of this happening, even if you are not one who is chosen to be contacted by Angels to work with them, it doesn't mean that you are not worthy, just that not only do they need to work with those who are into the Holy Spirit Energy, they also need strong souls willing to commit to extensive work alongside them.  Some will, and some won't want that type of long-term commitment, so trust that if you are contacted by the Angelic Realm, that you will have time to consider what there is involved in your particular instance plus how your personal life is currently in order to ascertain if this partnership would work well for both the Angelic Beings, yourself and family.

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